Rumah Kebun I

A vacation home for the nieces and nephews when they are back from the cities, to unwind and connect. Nested within the nature, ‘ Rumah Kebun’ celebrates the gathering spirit of family and community, particularly the Lanai and the Kitchen, the central axis of the house.

The informal spaces – is the means to connect, spatially – allowing movements from the inside and outside, through the solid and the void.

Overlooking Lanai, where the gathering space brings the outside, in.
Kitchen, is centralized, allowing the activities to spill over into the outdoor kitchen/barbeque area and the Lanai.

Project Type : Vacation home
Location : Kota Bharu, Kelantan
Client : Private
Completed : 2022

Published by Esha Hashim

Esha Hashim is a designer and graduate architect, currently based in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Bharu. She graduated her Master of Architecture from University of Westminster, United Kingdom, where she was exposed with geometric digital exploration and architecture within conflicts. Over the years, she started to explore the notions of other creative arts that have helped her in observing the surroundings and appreciating the details - that eventually assist in her thinking process.

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