Tensegrity Wall/flower

all projects > installations > Tensegrity Wall/flower Tensegrity Wall/flower Using basic tensegrity module of 3 struts, the tensional components were explored both using cables and fabric. The fabric helps in creating enclosures whilst maintaining its tensional property. The Tensegrity Wall/flower is designed to create a slight ambiguity of space through manipulating the enclosures of fabricContinue reading “Tensegrity Wall/flower”

The Bunga Raya

all projects > architecture > The Bunga Raya THE BUNGA RAYAVisit Malaya : a RevivalProjek Keretapi Muzium Negeri Pahang Back in time , travelling on a train was an exquisite and exotic journey . Over the years , this experience is forgotten and this proposal remains pure and true to its original form, reviving theContinue reading “The Bunga Raya”

Lights of Gaza

They’ve been living in constant feeling of uncertainity,in anticipation of a blinding vision for revelations and possible destruction. Sudden darkness engulfed the surroundings, when familiarity suddenly stripped, when visuals started to dematerialize, evoking shock and confusion. And soon, anxiety follows. To be in the dark is haunting and daunting withpersistent feeling of terror.When there isContinue reading “Lights of Gaza”