installation / objects

Tensegrity Wall/flower for Buro Happold

The idea of incorporating tensegrity structures into the installation for Buro Happold are to manifest the integrity between stability and flexiblility of the system into the ‘scuplture’. The Tensegrity Wall/flower is designed responding to privacy and weather – through enclosure manipulation of every cells of tensegrity components

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It will act as social intervention based on circus arts performances among the strangers and nomad in in the desert, a place where they communicate , have fun and share their talent. With the selected materials , of white membranes, it will contradict with the surrounding site , gracefully prevail in the middle of the…

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KL Chair : Chair in Portraits

The design is a take on the characteristics that were studied from the Chair that become the throne to the people of higher power in an earlier establishment of Kuala Lumpur. The intent of the design of the chair is to be ornamental, and intended to be the focus of the viewer’s attention to reflect…

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