KL Chair : Chair in Portraits

Chair in Portraits

Chairs in portraits usually oozes character, power and wealth of the individual inside of the portraits. The Chair exerts Yap Ah Loy’s – Kuala Lumpur Founder Father – social status, and his membership in the elite class in Kuala Lumpur. The particular chair in the Yap Ah Loy’s portrait was expressed quite ornamented on the front parts, wide seat and with armrest that symbolizes a seat of power higher than other people in the room.

The design is a take on the characteristics that were studied from the Chair that become the throne to the people of higher power in an earlier establishment of Kuala Lumpur. The intent of the design of the chair is to be ornamental, and intended to be the focus of the viewer’s attention to reflect the status and power of the owner. Series of frames are intended to express grandeur and hierarchy of the seat itself. The widening effect of the seating is deliberately combined together with the armrest of the chair, designed to create continuity and integrated design, where the details are emphasized on the front part of the handstands.

Project Type : Furniture
Event : KLAF 2018
Proposal : 2018

Esha Hashim
Sarah Rahman

KLAF2018 Logbook

Published by Esha Hashim

Esha Hashim is a designer and graduate architect, currently based in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Bharu. She graduated her Master of Architecture from University of Westminster, United Kingdom, where she was exposed with geometric digital exploration and architecture within conflicts. Over the years, she started to explore the notions of other creative arts that have helped her in observing the surroundings and appreciating the details - that eventually assist in her thinking process.

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