Doriath : the enchanted (future) forest

DORIATH – enchanted (future) forest

Year 04

DS 10 | Tutor: Toby Burgess & Arthur Mamou-Mani

Earth is a world as cruel as those who call it home. The world’s vicious expansions are out of control. Their brutal struggles scar the land even as it carves them in its image .

By 2090, it is predicted that 80% of Amazon will disappear due to the combined impacts of logging, drought, forest fires, desertification, agricultural and industrial expansions ; less than one-fifth of the Amazon now remains . In addition to mass extinctions of flora and fauna , many indigenous communities have vanished . The soils had been depleted from the logging activities , fires to clear land , farming and pasturing animals. Much of the steep land has eroded and soils had washed away.

The proposal started with the idea of ‘Avatar’ , an analogy of forest warriors to save the tropical forest. ‘Doriath’ will be a manifesto to rescue and regenerate the forest , constructing the forest of the future . It is a meliorism approach to the forest through genetic engineering and improvement; provide protection from livestock damage and cultivating plant life to shape a city .

It is a forest city that is more resilient and has adaptive ecology that encourages active participation by people. The analogy points to a future city that works as a mature ecosystem, a city that converts its linear and wasteful systems into closed metabolic loops to reach a relatively stable, resilient and symbiotic state .











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