Weaving Nicosia : a manifesto

The traditional textile making in Nicosia includes the production of fabrics, lace-making and tailoring; are among the dying trades of Old Nicosia. This is an earnest call for protection and celebration of this fragile industry of cultural heritage of Nicosia and most importantly, to weave together both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots together, that has been segregated right after the 1974’s war.

This manifesto intervenes the spilled void, the left-over, abandoned and contentious space inside of the city. The process of the growth of cities evolves in relativity of time, and the division of the city happened across the city has opened up new voids.

The complex acts as the stage of Cypriots textile production where the spaces will stage and choreograph the whole production of textile making, from fibre collection to dyeing the threads and weaving the Fabrics of Memory.

The Cypriots that are forced to leave their house after the war, are attached to their memories of home. Fabrics of Memory that will be weaved here with patterns of personal narrative stories of the Cypriots. Derived from the method of loci, items that need to memorise are to pinned to visual cue, and in Weaving Nicosia : a manifesto, the woven fabric will act as the mnemonic device involving a visual map of one’s memory and home.





Project Type : De-constructed Factory
Location : No Man’s Land, Nicosia, Cyprus
Studio : DS 22, University of Westminster
Tutors : Nasser Golzari & Yara Sharif
Year : 2016

Published by Esha Hashim

Esha Hashim is a designer and graduate architect, currently based in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Bharu. She graduated her Master of Architecture from University of Westminster, United Kingdom, where she was exposed with geometric digital exploration and architecture within conflicts. Over the years, she started to explore the notions of other creative arts that have helped her in observing the surroundings and appreciating the details - that eventually assist in her thinking process.