Lights of Gaza

3434They’ve been living in constant feeling of uncertainity,in anticipation of a blinding vision for revelations and possible destruction. Sudden darkness engulfed the surroundings, when familiarity suddenly stripped, when visuals started to dematerialize, evoking shock and confusion. And soon, anxiety follows.

To be in the dark is haunting and daunting withpersistent feeling of terror.When there is lack of comprehension, in ability to read space ,confusion and the  blur between real and unreal.This is when the imagination is heightened.

The portrayal of darkness

Darkness always associated with hollow, horror, the grotesque,  feeling trapped, And even serenity, and triggering people’s imagination, where everything is heightens and amplified.

Experience the darkness

Darkness is always been experienced through light, where light shine on the subject matter and creates shadows or the periphery, when the imaginations tarted to formulate itself under the min’s eye, light can help to found our way  in the dark, to relaz, to feel safe and to see familiar place.

Portfolio_EshaHashim_w1506414_withoutspread2 yu


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